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Word of advice to anyone going to stage 2. Don't go to bed too early!!!!

I've just got back from my phase 2 but i haven't got a yay or nay yet. However, the day before yesterday i went to bed at 11:30 and got up at 7:00 alert and ready, perfect. Last night i went to bed at ten, when did i get to sleep? Probably about 2:30. Up at 7:30 that's 5 hours sleep. I was absolutely knackered! Basically i wasn't tired when i went to bed at 10 and as i was lying in bed my tiredness didn't increase. So i lay there all night growing more anxious by the minute. And the more anxious i got the harder it was to sleep.

As the pilapt test came around and my brain felt heavy. I dunno how i've done but if i failed it will be dissapointing, as i'll never know whether i could have passed had i done my best. Fingers crossed, but i'm preparing for the worst.

It was a great day though and the best of luck to everyone else who was there today.

Edit: I'm delighted to say that i've passed. What a relief! I really thought i had funked it.

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