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"The Met has a small cadre of specialist highly-trained firearms officers...
Not that highly trained - eleven shots were fired at Jean Charles de Menezes. Seven hit him in the head, one in the shoulder and three missed entirely - at point blank range!

green granite, de Menezes was not a criminal, and therefore should not have been harmed, even according to your rather jaundiced view. And the incident was described thus:-
The officers were part of Scotland Yard's specialist CO19 firearms unit which supported Flying Squad detectives as they attempted to stop a suspected armed robbery at the Nationwide building society in New Romney, Kent, on Tuesday.
Given that the officers involve3d in the Stockwell shooting do not have a good record in dealing with people who are merely suspects, I would have thought that a little more caution could be exercised than shooting another man dead. But the perhaps he was carrying a table-leg.
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