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Most of the criminals engaging in these kidnappings for ransoms have I.Q.’s consistent with the magazine capacity of their weapons.

History is littered with the corpses of great men that understimated the strenght, inteligence or determination of their opponents. It is at our own peril that we underestimate the intellectual or physical capacities of these kidnappers. That is probably why they continue to get us on the cheap.

I doubt any of these guys are Phd's. I suspect most did not go far in school. Regardless, I never underestimate a guy with an AK-47 when I am unarmed. If these guys were so bright, they would have honest jobs. I think you are confusing IQ with ruthlessness.

Mobile made 10 billion in profit last quarter. A fraction of that buys a lot of protection for their employees, if they are inclined to spend it in that manner.
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