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Jackbaui jackbaui jackbaui

You are still the same loser......

GF might seem good for you as you spend half of your time in the office of XXXXXXXX creeping up his A*s spending your time picking the nice flights instead of doing your work as wannabe XXXXXXX. How come YOU do always get the few nice flights?

As a word of caution for those who read jackbauers post. For the last 2 years copilot jackbauer, a former bush pilot, has been "working" as a wannabe manager in the XXXXXX office. That why he is trying to paint a rosy picture of GF, well it might be rosy for him as he has full authority over his own roster and the other half of the months he is sipping coffee in the office..... for a better salary and benefits of course than the hard working majority. JB can not know how it is to work for other airlines in the ME because he has never worked for another one. His assumptions are based solely on PPRuNe and not on experience.

GF summary from someone who has a bit more "real gulf experience":

- GF lowest pay in the Gulf
- GF worst rostering in the Gulf
- GF worst career progression in the Gulf
- GF worst housing and school allowances in the Gulf
- GF worst and most abusive staff travel in the Gulf
- GF worst maintained and oldest equipment in the Gulf
- GF worst managed airline in the Gulf
- GF highest pilot fluctuation in the Gulf - % of total pilot force which is an accurate indicator of job (dis) satisfaction.

- Bahrain is after Qatar the most expensive and worst place to live in the Gulf
jackbaui you little brat I think its high time the XXXX kicks you out of the office and sends you working...

Looks like the turtle got the wrong guy with this snipe - I've removed personal details to protect the individuals concerned. 4HP
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