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Some points

Originally Posted by brassplate View Post
Anyone have any answers for Sal-e's interesting questions? No one seems to have come close yet.
1) Some questions can be answered by Mr. Sal-e only. Based on the informations provided, he is the one who has to decide if GF is a good call or not.
I like jackbauer's post, and I fully agree with him.

2) What will happen to the 767 Fleet?
Rumours about getting Boeing issued 340's until the 787/737 deal comes out are as strong as refitting the 767 fleet.
One thing is certain, nothing will happen until the new CEO comes in, let the dust settle and announce something concerning this fleet renewal. This will not be made under the name of former CEO, JH.

3) Seniority?
There is a published seniority list on mygulfair.com. Company is precisely following that list for command ugrade and I hope it keeps like this. This month, 4 or 6 new guys to be upgraded, ex 330/340 FOs.

4) 320?
Well, some 320 guys that should be transfered by now to the long haul fleet, have rejected the offer, 3 or 4 of them.
The flow of direct entry FOs continues and now the MFFs are done on the short event, reducing even further the career progression for the hard working 320 Fleet.

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