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Originally Posted by SXB View Post
I wish FR (and their passengers) the best of luck but my money (and that of my employer) will always be heading to BA, Lufthansa and all the other quality legacy flyers who, over a long period of time, have provided me with first class service.
Well thats it! If the boss if paying for it then everyone would be flying with BA, Lufthansa etc wouldn't they.

I really don't see a need for this topic to continue. Everyone knows Ryanair do things like this. And what is the difference now. (Don't say safety issues. If parents and children want to sit together just pay the £2). I personally think this new boarding process is a great idea! No more rude families pushing to the front demanding to get on first, no more 'I have had an operation on my hand, I need to get on first', 'I need to get on first because I can't stand up for long (young people saying this of course, well sit down lol). Messing around with pre boards takes such a long time, and when you only have around 10/15 mins to board a fully booked flight time is extremely scarce.

As just mentioned Ryanair is one of if, not the most popular airlines in Europe (In terms of passengers numbers and routes flown). They continue to increase their passenger numbers, profits routes at an amazing pace. If you don't want to fly with them, don't. It really is as simple as that! Don't bother slagging them off saying the all time favourite quote 'I will never fly with Ryanair again' only to find yourself booking that £25 all in return flight to Spain, France Italy because they are simply the cheapest deal.

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