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We can all be environmentally friendly one way or another the real issue here is the creeping taxes that strangle so many people's livelihoods so that they won't need a car to get to work becuase they haven't got a job anymore.

Society is in no position to 'engineer' nature, have some respect for the scale of task that it merits. Therefore this silly distraction of taxes being used to combat GW is somewhat embarassing to my ears. Quite simply it's beyond our abilites and indeed consciousness. When we fly the mere insignificance of man's presence on the surface is evident for all to see. The only reason we look down isn't because we notice civilisation but that we know there should be a miniscule "city down there somewhere". I'm sure that nature can more than cope with the man's relatively small infractions into the natural system.....

Consider this the time, size and sheer power of a thunderstorm. Nature will erect such an insignificant side show in the space of an afternoon, power it with enough energy to run a couple of cities for a while and then clear up it's mess by early eveing. Could man ever do that within the same variable confines? We can barely build a straight bridge over many years, there's no contest. Thus the comparitive input of man's activities is no doubt easily compensated by the scale and power of nature. After all it is an evolved and near perfect system that has seen various natural states in it's time and like the human spieces can adapt and regulate throughout. The sun probably has a far greater and meaningful hand to play than anything simple 'ameboa like man' could ever do. The exposed surface of the earth is still vast in comparison with the aveoli thickness of a road running through the landscape.

ALL these people holding their heads in hysteria and fighting this fictional 'Hilter against nature' style war in the minds need to ask themselves how they can qualify their opinon and perspective on the whole situation. Are they meteorologists? Had even a brief look at any data themselves? Libraries are still free these days? So how can they possibly assert their opinions which are rapidly maturing into an unquestioned belief. Stupidity has no place on a global/economic/strategic platform this is not a venture for the free loading politicians it's far too criticial for that. Yes I mentioned critical, not GW itself but the perils of misinformation exchange in place of informed argument. The ever growing giddy matrons of the world should have stopped at Princess Dianna's loss but they seemed to feel compelled to venture into the global issue and any other vacant social issue they can hijack to justify their presence at all levels of society. Other than tax (another well rehearsed line) what are they going to do about. Carbon Dioxide = GW that effects the entire world.... and that's the limit of the argument .... it takes me longer to argue my case with my wife regarding any issue, it would take months for me to compile a business plan to my bank's liking with all many of endless variables. Yet this global issue is summed convientently in the space of a news/soundbite.

My Grandfather told me the easy way to stop the village fool is to simply stick your leg out at the right moment. Let the trendy eco-army of fools have their moment and at the right time, just trip them up .... they have many weaknesses.
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