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Originally Posted by CARR30 View Post
This is, of course, leading nowhere, but I'm genuinely curious as to why these discussions about Ryanair's commercial decisions always descend into such hyperbolic nonsense.
There's something about FR that seems to polarise opinions here on PPRuNe - I think it is their habit of challenging the sacred cows of the aviation industry, usually for financial gain. They do so in remarkably clever ways. In some cases, they may be making a reasonable point, and in some cases, you suspect not. Either way, the important things to remember (IMHO) is that they put bums on seats, and do so more efficiently than many others. Any airline that can't do the same is an airline that is challenged.
As Cabin Crew, I find this new policy distasteful and regrettable - but I also know that my reaction is colored by my overall view of this airline: It's important to recognise that I may be wrong. In the end, Ryanairs' cashflow will show who is right, and I suspect that as so often, those who populate the floor at night at STN and LTN will prove FR to be on the money.

Until Europe decides differently, the Ryanair juggernaut will roll on - we will all have to find our own way to deal with it!

P.S. - posting as a personal opinion, not as a mod
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