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Pay attention in class

Originally Posted by CARR30 View Post
The point is whether or not they want to stump up a meagre 2/3 for a priority boarding pass and I don't think that encouraging a cabin revolt in retaliation is a very apposite response. I'd like to think that us passengers might have the courtesy to switch seats if children were distressed by separation. How do you suppose families manage on train journeys which are often longer than FR's Euro-hops and have the additional distraction of intermediate stops?

Specifically I've never been treated like 'scum' by Ryanair staff, I don't think that banning LPG in the tunnel is 'silly' and I don't think that flying with professional, qualified aircrew will ever be analogous to laying on a railway track.

This is, of course, leading nowhere, but I'm genuinely curious as to why these discussions about Ryanair's commercial decisions always descend into such hyperbolic nonsense.
Oh dear, I rather think that any hyperbole is entirely yours, CARR30. You're so busy rubbishing me that you've failed entirely to address the point.

Answer this: in what way is it right to make a safety issue - in this instance children sitting with their parents - an 'extra'?
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