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This is, of course, leading nowhere, but I'm genuinely curious as to why these discussions about Ryanair's commercial decisions always descend into such hyperbolic nonsense.

I'm not sure it's hyperbolic nonsense but the impression I received when using FR was one which was always just short of what I would describe as 'professional' Everything about them was always short of what I expected. I think a lot of that is down to the salaries they pay, everyone connected to the company, with the exception of the flight crew (the one area where they can't cut corners) seems to be at the beginning of their career and without experience. The cabin crew appear to make very basic errors in the areas of both customer service and safety. In the case of the former I saw a cabin crew staff member completely mis-understand a comment from a customer because her English was not good enough and in the latter I remember a 10 year old child sat with his 80 year old grandparents in the emergency exit row. Both incidents, I'm sure, we're because the CC were too busy, the aircraft boarded in about 5 mins and immediately began its taxi and then took off, no noticeable seatbelt check.

I wish FR (and their passengers) the best of luck but my money (and that of my employer) will always be heading to BA, Lufthansa and all the other quality legacy flyers who, over a long period of time, have provided me with first class service.
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