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Brassmonkey :

I saw the same News clip where some guy was once again trying to justify the use of "enforcement" cameras at Box Junctions, No Right Turn junctions, Bus lanes etc. on the grounds that they are "intended to improve traffic flow" ..... RUBBISH !

He went into great detail about how a survey had shown that the use of the new camera at a Box Junction had "improved traffic flow by keeping the junction clear" ..... RUBBISH !

What he didn't say was that a good proportion of the drivers on our roads these days have NO IDEA of exactly what the law says about box junctions.
Did YOU know that there are legitimate times when you CAN enter and stop in a box junction when your exit is blocked ??? ( Thought so ! )

The quoted "improvement in traffic flow at the box junction" didn't show whether there were queues of traffic building up on the approaches to the junction, by motorists not daring to enter the box in case they got a fine, unaware that they could legally do so !

Just like speed, sorry, "safety" cameras, these are being introduced to RAISE REVENUE.

If the powers that be want to continue to insist otherwise then here is Coconutty's suggestion and my challenge to them to adopt it :

The cameras are linked to a computer that records the location, registration number of the "offending" vehicle, and the time & date.

It would be a simple matter of database management to introduce a system where instead of sending an automatic fine, an "Advice & Warning" letter was sent to the registered keeper. This would give the details of the alleged offence committed, with an explanation of the appropriate law, ( the "Advice" ), with a "Warning" that if the same offence is repeated within a certain time - say 3 months, then an automatic fine WILL be issued.

This would, IMHO, achieve the aim of improving traffic flow, at the same time as educating rather than alienating motorists, and would also target anyone that decided not to heed the advice given. Some "revenue" would be raised - probably enough to offset the cost of the Advice & Warning letters.

Who'll be the first to shoot this idea down on flames then

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