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Just to throw even more fuel on the proverbial fire there was an interesting article on the BBC today regarding the expansion of the use of CCTV in traffic enforcement. There have been thousands of motorists prosecuted by various local authorities for a range of traffic offences including bus lane and box junction violations. The message from the govt is clearly that cameras are not only here to stay, but they will probably be coming to a road near you. This is likely to lead to a bit of mission creep with cctv being expanded to cover other motoring offences, the justification being that it will free up more police for other priorities.

Just to nail the point down once and for all for the benefit of BF, as I said a couple of weeks ago, there have always been those who will support the cops and those that won't. I don't believe (for what its worth) that the general strength of feeling is swayed dramatically one way or another by prosecuting speeding drivers. I think that the media have played a major role, particularly the tabloid press, in delivering a disproportionate amount of coverage on the subject. It seems that at this time those with the loudest voices are being given the column inches to express opinions which wrongly proport to represent the majority view.

One more for BF, forget the flawed argument that everyone speeds, do you believe that speeding is ok?

The point made by bjcc covers your other issues regarding insurance and tyres etc... In the same way that no one else has responsibility for YOUR right boot, no one is forcing you to have good tyres or insurance. The bottom line is that if you break the rules and get caught, you will probably get prosecuted.
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