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Originally Posted by jack_essex View Post
I have recently bought tickets with Ryanair for STN - CIA - STN for 29 return including all taxes and charges. No matter how many little charges Ryanair add on they will ALWAYS be the cheapest airline. I compared prices with BA and they would have charged me.... get ready.... 307!
RYR isn't always the cheapest - see my past posts demonstrating what happens when one prices a real trip. Even if they are usually cheaper than BA, they're not always cheaper than EZY.

What you have to ask yourself is: Take the RYR ticket price. Add on the extras that you have to pay (including, for me, the extra cost and time of just getting to STN or wherever to start off with). Then look at the difference from BA. Then ask yourself whether the better quality service is worth the extra price.

As between 29 and 307, I would probably have either made the same decision as you, or not gone on the trip. But when the BA/RYR difference is 20, 30 or 40, those extra charges matter.
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