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my children and I will be sure to sit behind you ... and we'll sing 9,999 Green Bottles. Slowly. With recounts
And I will be sure to accidently spill my tomato juice on the singing minor on the way past.

I have kids of my own (all be it grown up) but when I go on vacation I book into kids free hotels, my hols start when I get to the airport so why not kids free flights. If its good enough for the hotels its good enough for the airlines.

I have done my bit bringing up kids and just like to relax. I agree with the other poster on parents not controlling their children, but there's nothing you can do with a small baby teething to stop them screaming the house down.

After all, mother nature intended a child's wails to be annoying and irritating so as the PARENTS are alerted to and then can attend to their children's needs.

Sorry to be such a moan, I actually really love kids ........... but I could never eat a whole one!!!

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