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Originally Posted by Final 3 Greens View Post
Quite correct they don't have busines class, just think if they pack all the screamin kids down the back with their parents who decided to have kids and travel with them, it would make the front of the plane more relaxing for those pax who do not have kids or decide not to travel with kids.

I think you need your head examining mate.

This is low cost flying you are talking about, attracting the type of business traveller who thinks its great to get a meal deal for 75p, because of stock rotation requirements.

Get real.

If you want real service, you have to pay for it, e.g. in the last 3 weeks I have spent 3K on

10 x short haul segments in C
4 x long haul segments in F

This buys a whole lot service more than just decent seats, but you do tend (not always) to get a quieter experience as a fringe benefit.

As for Ryanair, its an aerial bus, but don't knock it for those who on a limited budget.
My point entirely. If you want "them and us", pay for it. If you want to go budget, do it with your eyes open.
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