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Some interesting comments about business travel and low cost airlines.

We recently engaged a London based company on a short term consultancy contract. The first two people turned up at our offices a day late because they'd had some kind of problem with Easy Jet at Luton (a cancellation I believe) I didn't know at the time they were using EZ but these things do happen so I let it go. Two days later two more consultants actually missed their flight at Luton and ended up on the evening flight also arriving in the office a day late. Under the circumstances I terminated the contract as it was very short term but I felt the company was a bit unprofessional because they'd used LC airlines along with sending staff on very early morning flights simply to save one night in a hotel. The contract also provided a sufficient profit margin for them to use proper airlines

Business travellers who use LC airlines are taking a risk because if you experience a problem (whether your fault or the airline's) then your options are extremely limited. If you're at 'Frankfurt' Hahn or Baden Karlsruhe and you've just missed your flight to London you can't simply visit the plethora of airline kiosks and just whip out your credit card and say 'next flight to London please' in the same way you could at the real Frankfurt Main airport or London Heathrow....

Most of the places I visit are not served by LC airlines but even if they were I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole, in anycase my organisation specifically prohibits us from using LCC.
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