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Parents hit back

Right then, MOL.

If, for all of the reasons already stated in this thread, the safety of our children, other passengers, cabin crew and aircrew really means this little to you (and folks you can append any of the zillions of other FR issues here), this is what any parent displeased with the latest wheeze might do:

If, say, one was unable to get a seat next to one's children, one might refuse to sit down. Naturally, were anyone to take such a step (and goodness knows I'm not inciting anyone to do so...) it would be entertaining to make sure that the children join in. Oh and don't forget that it would be foolish to make too much protest until the doors are shut.

By the time such disruptive pax were seated or even off the aircraft, baggage unloaded... well, goodness, the flight will have missed its slot, with the usual knock-on effect for the rest of the day.

I wonder how much that costs?

Gosh, it would probably only take one or two families a day to do that to make some Irish eyes stop smiling. It may smart a little, MOL, but hey, you're a big boy and you can take it.

It could even turn into a sport.

If, like me, you happen to have sympathy for the FR staff and hate to give them a headache, comfort yourself with the thought that it was MOL wot started it.

As for King Herod and the other grumpy goats here who have forgotten that they were also children once and were, in their turn, tolerated; my children and I will be sure to sit behind you ... and we'll sing 9,999 Green Bottles. Slowly. With recounts.
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