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Interesting Times......

A lot going on at the moment, most of it bad. No news on the BGI "deal" yet, but this is one promise that can't be broken if Bristow are to have any chance of staying in business here. Nyashes on seats pays the bills, all of them

The contract margins may be too small to give a real "offer you can't refuse" deal, but whose fault is that ?? Whoever negotiated them maybe ?? Pilot versus career multinational contract shark..... Hmmmm, as Chuks and his countrymen might say, it's a no brainer Maybe that will change in future with the newish broom and business philosophy.

Hostages still away, my heart goes out to them and their families. If the story above proves correct the whole picture takes on a new dimension. Being held as a business venture has got to be unpleasant, but death puts a different complexion on life in Nigeria for all.

East West Road is starting to look like Ellelenwo except worse. A gilded cage. Nice inside but don't go out !! Rumoured that Bristow are waiting for the vacant Arreta houses so Woji can be put to rest once and for all. Ups and downs then ?? Maybe some crossing over the other way for a change ? Greener grass perhaps, at least for a while until things again.

Let's see !!


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