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brain fade

I am not sure that your comment "It's sad that more people are a bit 'anti' when it comes to the cops" is correct.

I do accept that the moaning about police may be greater. But the reality, there is no change in peoples attitude when it comes to dealing with Police. In the end why should there be, Police are not forcing drivers to exceed speed limits, just dealing with the result of that.

There has to be a limit somewhere when it comes to the decision to either prosecute, or to warn, whatever that line is set at, it will cause some that cross that it to be annoyed, and point to someone who may have only be 1 or 2 mph slower not being prosecuted as a reason why they should not be.

Yes, there is a distinction for enforcement of speed and the enforcement of what is seen as 'real crime'. The resources put into speed enforecement being a good example. Speed cameras eliminate the need for Police Officers to be involved in the process. That releases officers to deal with other offences, be those traffic, or crime proper.

There is no disretion involved, with enforecement cameras. I think there should be, and could be, but I don't make policy on the subject. If it were used though, again there would be the hand wringing from some about how it was OK for one and not for them to speed. Perhaps thats why it's not used.

I am only to aware that there is a difference between the 2 offences you mention. I also think it is unreasonable to fine, say a speeding motorist a sum of money, and give a burglar a far smaller fine. One being an offence of negligence the other of greed. Had you read a comment I made on a far earlier thread about speeding, you would know, that I have never reported anyone for excess speed, and only reported a handful of people for traffic offences since I finished my probabtion period as a PC. That was a decision I made for the very reasons above.

Other Police Officers, particulaly traffic don't have the same attitude, but thats their decision to make, just as I made mine.
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