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The one thing I don't agree with is charging to use the online check in service. I thought that this was an incentive not to bring bags and to bypass the check in. I know it's only £2 but that's not really the point.
Well, actually, that IS the point!! It is another £2 per ticket for FR. All companies introduced on-line check-in to save them money. In the same way that supermarkets introduced self-serve checkouts to save them money. In both cases (Check-In and Check-Out ) they save money and we get the impression of better service. Now that airline pax are getting used to doing this - Bingo! and FR change the rules. My admiration for MoL and his bunch continues to rise, at the same time as my desire to use his airline falls.

I guess there will be a limit of how many pre boards there can be. Would be fun to sell a pre board 'pass' to everyone on the plane.
Yes, exactly, that is what they will hope for and good luck to them. My guess is that there will be no limit to the number of pre-boards that can be booked.

After all, if they have accepted a pre-board fee from all 137 (or whatever pax) and then get everyone on board in the sequence in which they checked in ... they will have completed their side of the deal. If one cared to read the small print, I would have no doubt that there is a get out clause about not refunding the £2 if they are unable to board you due to 'operational circumstances on the day'. They have so many excuses to use that you could sit and eat them for a (chargeable) three course meal.

Not to mention of course, that they have one significant advantage over every other commercial organisation in the world: They do not care what their customers think and do not care if the customer never uses them again. MoL has stated this on many occasions.

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