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Originally Posted by RoyHudd View Post
Manchester Airport were feeble in the extreme in their handling of traffic today. Granted LVP's, but traffic flow was simply staggering in its slowness. Not knocking ATC, but why has 24L not got a Cat 3 ILS, and why does single runway operation persist when vis is at worst murky? Most professional big airports can handle double the traffic flow in these type of conditions.
Along with the Staff Security debacle, this is a continuing saga of useless management and a poorly run airport. I am voicing the opinion of many MAN-based colleagues as well as my own.
Re single rwy ops:The two runways at Manchester are so close (400m ish) that there are strict rules governing simultaneous operations even in good weather. I can't imagine a go-around from 24R versus a northbound simultaneous dep from 24L is fun for anyone in decent weather. In fog that's just crazy.
How would 24L ILS help in LVPs?
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