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Kidnap insurance?

Ever heard of The Law of Unintended Consequences?

If your employer is known to have kidnap insurance, don't you think the bad guys would know just whom to grab? After all, you don't see many headlines reading, 'Compound Invaded, Tea Boy Kidnapped!' No, they go for people they can hold for ransom. If your sorry butt is insured, that should be YOU!

People being the way they are, you would not expect someone to be told of this sort of insurance and then keep schtum! Well, he might only tell his local girlfriend, so that should be okay.

I think the way this one will play out is that we won't see much change in the expat situation in Nigeria. More security, yes, but perhaps also a crackdown by what passes for a government on some of their own people behind a lot of the mischief, when things might suddenly get better.

There are plenty of other places just as bad as Nigeria where it's much safer to work. I reckon that might be because a lot of criminal activity is tolerated if not indulged in by the forces of law and order there.

First, let us hope the captives are released. Then it should be interesting to see how the various companies' managements deal with the security issues, not that those are suddenly new issues.

As Musket 33 points out, I may be acclimated but I doubt that I will be going back any time soon. In my next life, perhaps.
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