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Those are some intelligent questions about a stupid situation, perhaps.

How often do we learn about an accident when we know 'That could have been me!' yet we continue to fly, ride motorcycles, eat with chopsticks, fall in love with a bar girl... whatever. Men, particularly, just aren't that bright when it comes to assessing risk/benefits. All too often the little head is doing the thinking for the big head.

In the same way, there you are, you have your job and your colleagues and the Company is counting on you even if you know better than to count on the Company so that it makes more sense, somehow, to just keep going with only minor adjustments for bad news.

I guess you just figure, well, there's nothing much I can do for those guys who were kidnapped so I might as well leave that to Management to sort out and just get on with my job. It would make sense for everyone to walk off the job until the captives were released and security was upgraded but no one ever suggested that in the real world, that I know of. For one thing, one of your competitors would be more than happy to move in and take over the contract!
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