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Security at manchester, like other airports is a mess, not because of the regulations but because of the egoes of those operating and managing security. I travel through manchester to Belfast and I am made to go through the belfast/Eire/IoM etc channel even though Belfast is a domestic destination like London, Edinburgh etc. I am forced to go through this channel, even though as soon as I pass the desk that checks that you have a boarding pass, I then join all the other pax. I have asked why Belfast pax are not treated like other domestic pax and I can't get a reasonable answer. I flew through 4 domestic airports last week and at Bhx, all pax were forced to remove all footwear. This only happened at Bhx and when I asked why only Bhx, I was told that it was local management who insisted that this be done. There is no consistancy on these rules and then the powers wonder why pax get angry!!!

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