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Days or nights?

Originally Posted by chiglet View Post
First, the good news. No more runway closures until after Christmas
Second, the bad news. 140 days of single runway ops next year
Third, the really bad news. Runway 24R will be resurfaced in 2008
As ATC, we "discuss" runway closures, and try to minimise any disruption, but at the end of the day, it's MA's airport.
Looking on the bright side. In the past, when any runway work was done on the "Single Runway" as was, the Airlines either rescheduled or diverted. Now there is runway 24L/06R. As an aside, if the forecast is not very good, work on 24R is either postponed, or kept to a minimum, so that a "fully equipped" [ILS] runway is available.
Hope this helps

Can you clarify one small point from your informative posting. Do you mean 140 days closure in 2007, or 140 nights of closure. and are you talking of 24R closures - It would make a big differnce if it was days on single runway operations!!!!!

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