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Nice one Colmac! Come on then, show us yer medals........

Fascinating pair of replies, and thank you both for taking the trouble to respond this time in a reasoned manner (ignoring Colmac's last post).

OK reasonable point about the flags as gestures of support I suppose. If we had have won instead of failing miserably I would have hoped that no Englishmen would have come on here like Rab did waiving the flag and shouting how great we are. I certainly don’t recall it happening after our rugby success (nor the messages of congratulations from Scotland). It would seem that you reinforce your prejudices by taking the media comments as being typical of the general attitude of the English whereas probably the majority of people down here were somewhat embarrassed by and would dissociate themselves from some of the media’s (usually the red top comics) “winning the cup sentiments” before a ball was kicked. The same applies when they print their xenophobic rubbish before every England v Germany match. I trust the Scots have learned that lesson and would never again hold a victory parade as did Ally Macleod’s team before the 1978 tournament (and no laughing smilies posted here either Colmac).

Rab, you summarise it well in your expression 'Anyone But England' knee-jerk Anglophobia which in my, I accept naivety, I personally find totally inexplicable in the 21st C, as I do for example the sectarianism of the Old Firm matches. I repeat, we are just a bunch of guys who are no different from each other but happen to live in different parts of the island so why the disrespect? Move on from the battles of the past and no talk of separatism – it’s just the one small island and in this day of mass transport and advanced communications the World is moving on from the concept of small nation states.
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