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Originally Posted by Bus429 View Post
The estate is run by a limited company collectively managed by all residents.
Could you elabourate on the functions of the limited company who run the estate. Is it a type of Management Company, or have they delegated all of the managing responsibilities of the estate to the residents? Is there a contract between you (the residents) and this company, if so is there anything in the terms for dealing with such situations?

Generally speaking it is the responsibility of the Management Co to deal with such problem neighbours, as I do not know the facts of your case I cannot comment.

If the neighbour remains obstinate and refuses to co-operate then there is very little that the Management Co/Residents can do without going to the courts.

This neighbour is obviously wrong in leasing land for grazing which he does not own, and allowing cars to park on spaces to which he has no right, therefore it appers injunctive relief from the courts would be entirely likely (however not knowing all the facts of the case i can't comment for sure)
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