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Ah the voice of reasoned argument! Scotland won the match at Wembley fair and square - respect for that. And respect for the fans who unlike previous occasions did not trash the place afterwards.

Whats all this stuff about inferiority/superiority complexes? We're both just an ordinary bunch of guys who happen to live in different parts of the same island thats all. Our ancesters probably came from all parts of Europe and Scandinavia (mine almost certainly came from Flanders in the 13th C). The only reason I do not particularly respect some of you is because every time you win a football or rugby match you come on here waiving flags and shouting about how good you are. Yet if England win something it just seems to reinforce resentment of us. Remember the snide comments on Jet Blast just before the rugby WC final? No good luck messages there AFAIK.

So how about a sensible answer to a straight question then, just what can those of us living south of Gretna do to gain your respect?
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