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Re VORDME RW24L, on Saturday night/Sunday morning when we came in the approach lights were visible at "100 above" minima but the PAPI's did not show until below MDA. Not good for manoeuvring, and remember too that the final approach track and the runway don't line up. The weather was far worse than what was officially on this ATIS, which is of course up to 29 minutes out of date. Also, as you might expect in showers, the weather on the approach was a lot worse than on the airport.

Surely the move to reopen 24R shouldn't be when RW24L falls to VORDME minima, but well in advance, say 1000ft cloudbase? The minima are just that, the very worst acceptable conditions. They are not a target for MaPlc to aim at and the runway should be changed well before the minima are reached.

Having to do an approach down to VORDME minima is what you have to do at an undeveloped airport in the Med or Third World, not in mainstream UK just because the airport operator fancies doing a bit of work on the runway that should be in use.
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