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I didn't say that I have never exceeded the limit and I frankly I don't know anyone that in all honesty doesn't or hasn't. I got the proverbial sp30 in the 1990's for exceeding the 30 mph limit. Bike cop, hiding behind a wall, usual routine. 3 points, fine of 60. Not such a big deal - got to spend my money on something, may as well help pay for most road safety cameras - they don't pay for hemselves you know! I got caught with using a big too much right foot. I accepted that I had been caught speeding and moved on with my life without sulking like a child.

Its not a criminal offence and you don't end up with a criminal record by speeding. Social that as opposed to an anti-social criminal? Much better to be social I find

Re: pcoj offence... up to you what you tell the cops, your choice - your risk. In an era where detections are a key performance indicator, I am sure that by committing an endictable offence by bu11sh1tting them, the traffic cops stopping you would be more than appreciative of your help in increasing their arrest and detection figures as the you feel the clink of cold steel around your wrists... The point here is that if you give the cops false details, you are likey to be the one regretting it, not them.

On the point of this 159 mph cop - I think we are kicking the a$$ out of the argument now but just to clarify one thing, he was not found committing the offence, he was reported by other officers who discovered the offence later. If as I suspect you believe there is a conspiracy, why did it end up in court and not in the shredder? The cops did their bit to ensure a level playing field but if the judiciary don't, its hardly the cops fault.. I think thats a point you will concede given that the bloke had 2 trials. If you don't concede the point, I frankly couldn't care less!

Anyway, about your 44 in a 40 zone - unlucky! first offence? 10% +3 is the usual rule to account for uncalibrated speedometer readings in public cars within England and Wales. Hardly Nigel Mansell territory - you need to get yourself a faster set of wheels or some heavier shoes to cut it with the big boys .

By the way are you north of hadrians wall by chance?
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