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Yes, REALLy fast. Think it was 44mph in a 40. About 10 yards before it becomes a 70.

Yes it was cops that stopped him. Yes it was a cop who did 159mph.
The reason it IS one rule etc is YOU or I would have been banned but HE wasn't.

YOU or I would be a 'social criminal' but HE was let off.

Re perverting the course of justice. Frankly I couldn't give a f*ck. That's how strongly I feel about it, my point tho' is if I feel like that, how many others do? And how much help or hindrance is that to Policing generally?
How about answering this point if no others?

My profile IS accurate. (apart from the planet claire bit).

You say, "would you or I be banned". Is that actually a question?

As I said earlier re speeding being an absolute offence. YOU speed! you did it today. YOU did it yesterday" You'll do it tomorrow!

I expect you to turn yourself in next time you exceed the limit. You crim!

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