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Originally Posted by pee View Post
We want to act energetically". Ryanair and Finnish partners (Airpro, Finnavia and the authorities of Tampere and local district) are going to meet shortly to make the faster progress.
I have consulted a friend of mine from Finland (he works in the aviation business). In his opinion Finavia you have mentioned is only theoretically an independent institution. In fact there are very strong links between them and Finnair. They didn't dare to oppose a costly project (an extension to the international terminal at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport) because Finnair needs it and that is clear. It will be Finavia’s largest ever investment and will cost at least € 143 million but there aren't any problems with financing, it must be done.

With Tampere, despite the fact that the costs involved there would be (probably) 40 times lower, the financing will be much more problematic. As my friend formulates it: Tampere's terminal (No 2) is the only one in whole Finland that is NOT used by Finnair & Co and that will make things very difficult. Finavia will be very friendly and co-operative but offering no money. Maybe he is wrong, let's hope, but his point of view has some grounds I'd believe.
As far as I understand the local authorities truely want to help as they appreciate the significance of FR for the local businesses. Don't be too optimistic though.

By the way. Finland has one of the lowest penetration of low-cost carriers in the entire EU. To illustrate it: being only 40% less populated than neighbouring Sweden, it has only one true lcc (and some middle-cost ones) with just a few connections. That also proves something.
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