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Ryanair - 3

Ryanair's latest announcement of more new routes from Dublin has shuffled things up a bit. Most noticably the start date for Madrid is being brought forward. Currently Ryanair have 15 aircraft based in Dublin, and they are going to increase this to 19 aircraft to facilitate the new routes. Looking at the schedules for the new routes we have:

New Aircraft December 10
1234567 Madrid 0705-1245
1-3-5-7 Tenerife 0600-1505
-2-4-6- Fuerteventura 0600-1505
The timings don't make sense. Either the timetables of existing routes have been moved around, or else something like Madrid being moved to a later time of 1555-2135 will happen before the routes take off

New Aircraft December 19
1-3-5-7 Tampere 0730-1435, Oslo 1525-2015
-2-4-6- Friedrichshafen 0610-0925, Olso 1200-1650, Grenoble 1715-2210
Turin also starts December 20th, --3--6- 0650-1200, but I believe its introduction will come at the expense of existing routes. Regarding the scheduling of this aircraft, there certainly seems to be gaps on 1-3-5-7 and room for retimings on -2-4-6-

New Aircraft January 23
1-----7 Vitoria 0615-1105, Billund 1130-1600
-2---6- Seville 0730-1355, Almeria 1445-2115
--3-5-- Vitoria 0615-1105, Billund 1130-1600, Rzeszow 1650-2330
---4--- Seville 0730-1355
A good few gaps in the schedule here

New aircraft February 8
1---5-- Bologna 1335-1940 Alghero 1555-2215
-2-4-6- Malta 0705-1520, Pula 1335-1940
--3---7 Bologna 1335-1940 Trapani 1555-2315
Right now the timings don't make sense... They'll probably be changed, but at first glance it seems that there couldn't be any significant gaps with the frequencies/sectors involved.

So we can expect further new route announcements for Dublin I say. Or maybe the gaps will be used to increase frequencies on existing routes and a general reshuffling of various schedules. And don't forget Ryanair have also promised 7 more weekly flights for Berlin, 7 more for Rome, 3 more for Malaga and 4 more for Faro, as well as a new Stockholm route!
I'd expect a 20th aircraft will be necessary, with a schedule something like:
1234--- Malaga, Stockholm, Berlin
----567 Faro, Stockholm, Berlin
with maybe a new Rome based aircraft going to do the extra Rome flights.

Interesting times ahead: Dublin airport is gonna be jammers!!
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