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BMED lhr
I think with your 75% you will have loads of time on your hands to keep us informed.Maybe you can help them to rewrite the way forward. Dont get too borred or you might turn into one of them
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Hello ,
Just applied for 75% , Would like to know what the money is like and days off etc..?
Oh got some gossip , They are changing the way forward once again !!! , Are they that
Bored in the office ..Help !! .The New Duty free Magazine looks nice , It's called Expressions and it has a lovely kaleidoscope design and the British Airways including the lovely speedbird logo on it , And under British Airways it says operated by BMED .The reason for the change from shop highlife was that BMED Crew , Where not getting paid all there Commision , I lost 50 this year alone !! And that's a little night out in London
Ps. For non BMED Crew , The Way Forward is our service delivery .
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