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My heart goes out to Tony's Family.

If I may recount a story that shows the kind of guy he was

I was on my final week at Middle Wallop, converting to the Lynx, and Tony was my third instructor, after being put on "review". I was on my final trip with Tony before my chop ride and we were doing confined areas, which were not my strongpoint, I had failed to get into one of the Harewoods 3 times, was sweating swearing and was about to ask Tony to take me home as I really wanted to be a lumberjack anyway. When he calmly took control took me to the smallest clearing in the forest, and said "will it fit in there?”after 100 metres of deforestation is accomplished I replied, "follow me through" he smiled back at me, perfect transition perfect descent perfect turn around the tail in the space of a tennis court perfect transition perfect calls perfect orbit. All this with me holding on to the sticks as if I was at one with the inter-links. So he was flying me as well as the aircraft. "Now you do it s'easy" he says, well to cut along story short I got in.

Now the rub, on My FHT with a very senior checker, guess where we go for the confined areas, yep the Harewoods, orbiting said tennis pitch, checker remarks smugly, OK blogs I am a senior passenger and I want you to put me down in that clearing there <points grandly at Tennis court clearing> Roger that your highness says I, perfect orbit perfect transition "I HAVE CONTROL" shouts his Highness the chop master, "You will never get a Lynx in there stupid boy, now take me home. "errrm yes you can I attempted weakly" shut up, hats on, will de brief you on the way back. Racked with injured ego vibes I saw Tony on the way to the de brief, "how'd it go?” He offered, the answer went along the lines of "Nasty man say we no land in area that we land in yesterday" I will just be a minute with him before you go in says Tony, muffled interchange ensued behind closed door, s'okay he said as he re emerged, "you will never have a problem getting into a confined area Blogs, and I’m taking him in this afternoon" True to his word I never did, and I had the pleasure of flying into many with him as a crew in Belize.

Always professional, and always a friend, lost touch but not forgotten.

RIP Tony
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