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No, I've not worked in a dept that makes that decision. I base that assumption (because like your bold assetions thats what it is) on the fact that the papers are not bbulging with stories of people convicted in such circumstances.

Afterall, if those that have commoitted an offence and been fined can then moan about it, do you not think those who have a right to moan about a conviction would not do so.

Now, unless you have evidence to support your implication that the opposite applies?

Your quote :

"A spokesman for the partnership said: “There is a system in place for motorists who feel they have extenuating circumstances – they can opt to take their case to a court of law.” bjcc's assertion that they would investigate a driver's claim and not proceed against him if it was confirmed was, as I suggested earlier, utter nonsense"

Is based on what exactly? What evidence do you have to support that claim? One incident it appears, based on a quoted newspaper report. Oh, but then again, you have a habit of making your mind up from a newspaper reports alone don't you.

I would agree over your comments on concern about the legal system's part in this. For a start why did a Clerk "Tell" the defendent to plead guilty?
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