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Update on repatriation.

Now look, you never heard me say this, alright - but thank God for the RAF! They are repatriating Tony's body by crabair, and he should be home by the weekend. There will still be certain formalities to be observed this side, but God willing they will all go smoothly enough. Theresa is loosely planning for a service towards the end of next week. Details will be posted here. However to assist planning:

1. Serving members will be welcome in uniform, or however they wish to come.

2. No flowers, please. Donations will be to two charities, one AAC and one civvy. Details to follow. (Probably best done in the church anyway).

3. There will be a church service, followed by a cremation, followed by a gathering of the clans. All will be welcome to all stages.

4. Once details are posted here, please pm/e-mail/phone me just to assist with numbers.

Watch this space for details.

And remember, I will publicly deny ever having said anything nice about the RAF, OK?
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