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Better you than me!

From what I remember, Musket33 could come up with some insights of his own. If he thinks this is such a great idea let him go first!

I could just see giving some real, deep insights into conditions in the Delta, from 'somewhere in southern Nigeria.'

You know how correspondents used to lead off articles about the Second World War with a tagline such as 'Joe Bloggs, somewhere in France...' Well the modern version wouldn't be because you didn't want to tell but because you wouldn't have a clue. One mud-hut village out in the middle of a mangrove swamp looks just like the next one, doesn't it!

I did PM that CNN guy who was trawling for help in giving insights into the cause of a recent minor disaster in the States, when a crew tried to get an aircraft needing about 6 thousand feet of runway off one about half that long. This calls for deep insight and lots and lots of 'Breaking News!' clips from an aviation specialist, of course.

Of course it could just be that I am a deep pool of boiling resentment over being forced to work for a living instead of being paid to stand in front of a camera reading off a tele-prompter.

That said, if this crusader for improved safety through improved public awareness of the latest outbreak of the dumb-*ss in aviation really wants to do some cutting-edge journalism then perhaps he shall grab this poison chalice and take a big, deep drink, coming to a bush bar near you 'any time from now.'

'Tonight, a CNN Special Report, live from Auntie's Kitchen! Eight hours Bottle to Throttle, or just, No Drinking Within 50 Feet of the Aircraft? We expose the shocking truth of the low conduct of off-duty pilots and engineers and the behaviour of the women who drive them to it! Next week, Mom always thought I played piano in a whorehouse...' Go for it, big fellah!

Remember what happened to the last guy who wanted to tell it like it is? No? Me neither, actually.
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