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It doesn't get up my nose that the police are allowed to drive above the speed limit. As usual, you tend to pick up wrongly on my post. I'm aware of the situation with the requirements of police training, driving and to quite some extent the tactics used (I have been professionally involved in the not-too-distant past and generally have no qualms about any of it). However, it appears that this policeman drove at extremely high speeds outside the usual terms of such "training", in that he made the decision to take out a new car by himself and gave it a good thrashing in inappropriate circumstances and got caught. He has been prosecuted and convicted of dangerous driving, with the full agreement of his chief constable. Presumably you also disagree with him?

A few years ago another policeman colleague of mine was prosecuted after passing a speed camera at 100 mph in an unmarked police car (national speed limit applied). He also pleaded not guilty to no avail. Would you agree that he too should not have been prosecuted because he was a trained police driver? None of the other bobbies I worked with voiced the opinion that he should be let off.

How would you feel if a similarly competent and experienced but non-police driver was caught in the same situation as either of these drivers? I think I already know the answer to that.

Consider this analogy: I go to the police air support unit where I am directly employed and fly the brand new police helicopter at maximum speed and 50 feet agl when not directly on urgent police duties and therefore not, strictly speaking, exempted from the national low flying regulations. I would consider myself quite competent to fly in this manner as I am considered to be amongst the "creme de la creme" of the nation's pilots. I need to familiarise myself with the new aircraft's performance and handling. The chief constable considers that I should be prosecuted. If convicted should I appeal?
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