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I made the point at the end of my last post “A happy wife is a happy life”. I made it for a very good reason. Your wife will spend way more time in your choice of accommodation than you ever will. I have seen it all too often in this city, if you provide her with a dog box to live in, especially if you have kids, she will provide you with divorce papers. And be warned if she can’t run the air-conditioning 24 hours a day she may have something to say about that too.

Yes you can find places to rent that are cheap. Most are cheap for a reason though. Just remember that if you are married with kids any apartment less than about 1100 square feet probably won’t cut it.

I don’t know whether those that have said my costing are on the high side are married or not? By the sounds of it though they probably aren’t and most certainly haven’t lived here very long.

So take this advice from someone who has lived in Hong Kong for quite some time. My costings are on the conservative side, especially if you have a family.


That has got to be one of the most stupid pieces of advice I have seen anyone give on this forum. You should always budget for your expenses based on what you earn now, not what you think you will earn in the future. And if you think you can skip town without paying tax, think again. Your employer must notify the IRD immediately of your resignation.
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