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my personal opinion, i think titans figures are a little on the high side on rental and utilities. must be living too comfortably. I may not know much but, i would put it this way especially in hk, i'm out there to make some $ and not there to live too comfortable.

rental 8.5k in TC or DB area should get you a nice comfortable place. try the direct agents and do a little bit more of shopping.

utilities 1500-2000 is quite alot unless the airconds are non stop.

tax is 6000 if you are making 40k/mth.

transportationg from TC & DB to work is not that expensive unless you expect a cab all the time. public transportation is very accessible 1000k should be able to do the job.

well, for first 2-3 months it could be training time so i will not think too much about ent & misc which costs up to 8k. maybe 5k can be allocated.

so total is approx. 22.5k, well maybe can allocated some unexpected suprises of another 5k. which totals up to 27.5k.

food 4-7k depending but can always shop and do some cooking at home (sometimes i find it nicer,cheaper and more comfortable) so it sums up to 34.5k. still some change and of course it varies and i think this should be quite comfortable to me

i am not here to offend any1 but just my personal view and opinions .. pls do correct it if there is any opinions
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