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I put this together six years ago but the figures still hold true. If anything they underestimate the true cost of living in HK today. These figures were based on a husband and wife only, no kids with the wife not working. If you have kids, especially of school age, you might find yourself in deep financial trouble moving to HK on the money being offered.

HK$ (/mth).....
Tax 7,200
Rent 15,000
Utils 2,500
Trans 1,200
Food 6,500
Ent 3,500
Misc 4,500
Total 40,400

My advice is to be very careful moving to HK on the money they are offering you. Just remember a happy wife is a happy life. Financial stress, especially while living in a foreign country could be the straw that breaks the camels back so think wisely before accepting the offer.
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