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Post CTC - Phase 3 In Depth


"Greetings from Kazakhstan and wonderful city of Almaty. I have recently travelling to most great country of United Kingdom and attend the "Phase 3 Selection Day" at CTC's most prestigious Dibden manner in Southampton which is English coastal town. Here you will see my reportings on what to expect on this day. I hope you like!!! Jagshemash!"

Here is a complete and in detail run down on what to expect at the CTC Phase 3 selection day.

Day Start
You will be asked to arrive at CTC's Dibden manner at 0845 for an 0900 start. Dibden manner is easy to find by car – not sure on public transport.

The day will start with you giving you introductions to the rest of the candidates for selection. CTC make out that they "are on your side" and are "here to select and not reject." This sort of puts you at ease but in some respects gives the impression that the process is really about box ticking - provided that you tick all the boxes then you will be selected.

I hope that this guide will enable you to tick all the boxes!!

There are four people from the CTC assessment team that will be monitoring you throughout the day. Two HR type people and the other two airline pilots. All have been in the game a long time ex BA etc and the airline pilots are the old school types with modern day recruitment training.

Some people kept theirs quite short and sweet but my advice would be to tell them everything about yourself. This seems to go down better. After all the day is about you! So feel free to go into detail about your hobbies and interests, flying experience, achievements. The interviewers will make notes on this.

I would think about what you are going to say beforehand and ensure that nothing negative comes across. Its easy to ramble on about something and then think afterwards that what you said didn’t sound too good! Make a few notes the night before about the things you want to introduce about yourself.

Introductions Key Points:
- Make some notes beforehand on what you want to say about yourself.
- Make sure its all positive.
- Don’t be afraid to go into detail above positive hobbies, achievements etc.
- Emphasise interest in aviation.

Group Exercises
When you arrive at CTC you will be given an itinerary for the day ahead. It will indicate the teams that you will be split into (typically around 4 people) for the group exercise. This is a nice number as its easier to interact with a smaller amount of people. For the group exercises you will be monitored by two of the CTC team for exercise one (a HR person and a pilot) and the other two for exercise two. All group exercises are timed. There are no right and wrong answers for the exercises and its more about how you interact than the solution you come up with.

Group Exercise One - Desert Island
Plot Summary: You are out on a dive boat, the weather turns bad, you are getting washed towards some rocks and a remote island. You have to choose from a list of items what you will take with you. Each person can only carry so many items.

This is a timed exercise split into two/three sections (cant remember). The first section you have to choose what to take with you. The next section you have to choose on how to use those items and also they give you a list of things to put in order of priority e.g. take people to hospital, organise food etc. Again no right and wrong answers – its more about team interaction and how you go about prioritising things.

Group Exercise Two – Building Blocks
For a start it’s not Lego! I can’t remember what its called but its hard to build anything meaningful with it! This exercise is also split into sections. The first of which is to ascertain what you have available and how you will use it. The next section is building as a team, the following is building in silence and then CTC will throw in some spanners such as design changes etc to see how you handle it. Not to hard.

Group Exercises Key Points
- No right or wrong answer.
- Don’t try and dominate the group – they do not ask you to assign a team leader.
- Don’t be afraid to make your points to the other team members as long as you can back them up.
- Don’t be afraid to make decisions or say “I think we should do this….”
- CTC are assessing leadership potential but you cant be seen to dominate.

The interview is split into two sections. Competency based questions and flying based questions. There wont be an obvious split between the sections. Both people will talk to you, the HR person and the Pilot. They will both ask flying related and competency based questions.

A bit of background on these types of interviews: Its really a question of box ticking – I personally don’t think its any harder than that. The way these things work is that one person asks questions not really listening to what you say but often going "yes, that’s good" and "ok" and "thanks for answering that". This does not mean that you are answering the questions well!! The other person will be noting down what you say not what they think. They will then get together afterwards and discuss your answers.

Interviews of this type typically score each question on how you answer it. You have to be sure that you give a real world example and not what you "would do" if you were in that situation. If you haven’t had that experience well that’s fine – what can you do? You could just say “No I have never led a team but am fully prepared to do so”.

You can prepare for this type of interview quite easily. If you feel that this is a weak area then you can buy a book on common interview questions. Not perhaps to use the text book answers given but to prepare for the questions that they are going to ask and to think about the answer you will give. Why not be prepared than come up with something that will possibly sound negative on the day? You can guarantee that the usual questions will be in there:

"Tell us about a time you disagreed with someone."
Think about this carefully – you don’t want to be negative. They will follow it up with “what did you do to resolve the disagreement”

"Tell us about what makes you angry"
Do you get angry - dont we all?? Again try not to be negative or at least portray your anger as wanting a positive outcome.

"Why do you want to be a pilot"
Of course you do? But why!!! BUT WHY!!!! Is it because of the fit totty cabin crew you will be working with, the chance to travel, your status as a pilot when your down the pub. Well dont say any of the above. How about oppertunity to travel, chance to become a captain, meeting an ambition etc etc.

"What will you do if you don’t get this job"
Its highly likely that some people will be put off for life if they dont get the "job" with CTC due to the high costs. This is not what CTC want to hear!!!!! Make sure you tell them that you will bust your balls to become a pilot no matter what and happily sell your granny and mortgage yourself up to the eyeballs or whatever to become a pilot. The reality is probably very different for a lot of people!

"Why have you only become interested in flying only now"
You need to have a good answer for this.

"Tell us about a time you have led a team"
See above.

"How do you deal with conflicts"
Again get across a positive outcome and have a positive way of dealing with conflicts.

Interview Key Points
- Practise your interview technique beforehand - use a mirror to judge facial expressions etc.
- This is a competency-based interview.
- Use real examples not what you think you would do.
- Its ok to say that you haven’t yet achieved something but are ready to do so.
- Take time to think about answers – this is acceptable. Use this time to think up positive examples.
- Practise answers to common questions and ensure you get the right answer across.
- Body language is important in interviews.

Feedback – or lack of it !
From feedback I have received from other candidates be warned that CTC do not give any feedback what so ever on your performance on the day. If you dont make it through then you will have absolutely no idea on the areas that you need to improve upon for future interviews. This in my opinion takes the p1ss a bit.

I think that you have easily covered CTC's costs with the £170 you have paid - the least they could do is offer a few lines of feedback!! If you are desperate to see the feedback I’m pretty sure that you are entitled to do so under the data protection act.

You will shortly hear from CTC (next day) if you have been successful or not.

I hope that you have found this summary useful. This is my personal take on the process. Others may have found it different. All the above however is true – or was when I went through it in terms of what to expect. As for the interview stuff above Ive tried really to cover off what to expect and how I think it should be handled.

Id prefer questions to be put on this thread but I think I’ve more or less covered off Phase 3. Hope this helps!!


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