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The Home of Photos in Dunnunda! Mk I

Hi all,

The last couple of weeks of floating around on this site have been very interesting because first of all we had 'pilotwannabee' from NZ provide us with some very cool photos and captions and then the thread now on Camera types which has also seen some very good photos come out. Not only does it provide a lighter side to prune but it is really good seeing other peoples flyaways and working experiences because it is motivating because it is something I and many others have to look forward to.

I am starting this thread off in hope that it can be an ongoing thing where people can just add photos all the time. I dont know how it will go, could end up on the next page but I thought I would give it a go, if you could please put your beauties on here it would be much appreciated by me and im sure many others. I have put a few on to start.

Melbourne City and Albert Park Lake on the fresh morning we departed. Cloud at MB was OVC at 800' but it opened up over Port Philip Bay.

The four "washing machines on wheels" on the dirt at Leigh Creek.

Overhead that little Gem in William Creek, real shame time did not permit a stop.

Anyway theres a few. Thanks, JB

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