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First of all the best piece of advice I can give is to relax, enjoy the day and it will go fine.

It's a very relaxed day, they want you to succeed as much as you do. If you listen, look interested and follow instructions you'll do alright.

The day starts with a brief on the aircraft you will be flying (King Air - Beechcraft). The cockpit instruments are explained, what you will be doing throughout the sim check and what is expected of you.

The sim last approx 45 mins

Your assessor will more than likely take off (well he did for me), and then once straight and level he will had control to you. You will be sat in the LH seat by the way. You are then to keep the aircraft straight and level to get a feel of the aircraft. After that its a few turns rolling out onto a heading that you will be told, these will be done a varying bank angles both left and right handed. Then a few climbs levelling off at X thousand feet and descending again at x feet per min levelling off at a given altitude. You will then attempt climbing turns, descending turns, steep turns.

Once all this is done you will be set up for an approach, as long as you listen and keep the aircraft at the correct decent rate you should hit the deck on the runway but do not worry too much about it of you don't.

As for maths questions, I never got any, all I was asked was general family questions. Have I got a Sister? How old? Etc. All done during you flying just to check that you can multi task.

At points through the flight you will be asked things like;

What altitude are we at?
What is our current airspeed?
What heading are we on?

Just to make sure you can read the instruments correctly.

It really is a good day and if you relax, listen, follow instructions you'll have a ball!

Hope that helps

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