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I didn't mean to start a bitch fight girls...or boys

My only point was that we need to keep in my mind what an average young Thai earns...less than half what these girls are making and I am not talking about Bar girls.

To keep it in perspective I pay my Phillipino Amah (maid) AUD400/mth + all found and a ticket home for holidays every year or so and that $400, converted to Pesos, is equivelent to what a Provincial Judge gets paid where she is from. In the first year she, with my encouragement, saved and paid cash for a block of land, while also putting her siblings through school. In two years she'll be able to afford to build a nice house on it...she's 27.

How much would you need to be paid in Australia to afford all that?

I am not saying I agree with QF's policy of hiring young Asian girls but they do...and they are paying them better than what Asian airlines pay their FAs..and given the work ethic of the average Asian women, and what their alternative options are, you will never see them complaining QF works them too hard.
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