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Grrr Pilapt Feedback - Pure evil has a new form

Hi everyone, here is what I thought about the Pilapts...

Ive tried to remember all of the tests so sorry If I missed anyway. Ive rated them out of 10 for hardness with 10 being the hardest.

Identify if a person is holding a red circle or square in the stated hand e.g. "Left hand square". The people can be back to front, upside down or the correct orientation. It gets harded when they reverse left and right and reduce the time interval for identification. 8/10.

Pattern Identification
Identify shapes in like a pattern of other shapes. You have to count how many times each shape occurs and there are two panels to do it in. All done in a set amount of time. 7/10.

Flying Through Boxes
You get three goes at this and the aim is to improve each time. Reasonably difficult but not hard to improve upon on each go. 6/10.

Deviation Indicator
Keep the crosshair centred in the middle of the concentric circles. This is more difficult than it sounds as they change either the force pushing back on the joystick or the effect that force has. There is a trick to doing this - use slow steady movements and wait for a reaction before reacting again. At some points I found it impossible to center the damned thing despite pushing the joystick hard over. Tip: This can really make your arm ache so take it easy and have a break after each one. 8/10

Counting Excercise
I found this one of the hardest. You have to listen to a descreasing count e.g. 990, 985, 980 and then press the trigger when the sequence changes e.g. 980, 975, 969 <<-- Press Trigger. You then have to identify the new sequence the repeat the process e.g 980, 975, 969 [FIRE] 963, 957, 954 [FIRE], 951 and so on. This is all done in your head. 9/10.

Distractions/Concentration (cant remember proper name)
You are presented with a grid with colours down one side and shapes across the time. In that grid a shape will appear. If the shape for its given position matches the colour on the side and the shape on the top you have to click it. This isnt too hard. 6/10.

Shape Identification
The computer will say "Red Triangle". Loads of different coloured shapes will flash up. When you see a red triangle press the red button and press the number that corresponds to the number displayed in the shape. 5/10.

The Mother Of All Tests
At the end you have to do the following all at once.
- The Deviation Indicator.
- Counting Excercise
- Shape Identification Excercise
This is very hard. 10/10

After this you have been at it for around 1h15m. I make no excuses - I found them very very tough but I suppose thats the name of the game. Please please please make sure you read the instructions carefully before each one.

I also found that I was exhausted by the time I had driven home.
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