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Originally Posted by GW76
Combination of crew shortages and juggling for World Cup flights I think. Cancellations all over the UK

I don't see hwo there can be cancellations do tu juggling for world cup flights as we haven't put any more flights on for the world cup, they are at the same frequency as before it started.

Also there haven't been cancellations all over the UK, there are many easyJet bases that have had no cancellations for months now.

It's mainly the larger bases like Gatwick, Bristol and Luton that have been effected, nobody likes it when flights are cancelled, and they are only cancelled as a very last resort.

Recently there have been crew from the likes of East Mids, Glasgow and Edinburgh Airports send down to Bristol and Gatwick (and believe me it isn't any fun being stuck in a taxi for that lengh of time - apparently it is a minimum of 3 hours to both) to operate flights to keep things as normal as they can be, this is how much easyJet try to keep flights operating, after all they don't make money when an aircraft is sat on the ground doing nothing.

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