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The radar is the same radar it has always been, the difference is that all the fleet has been brought up to Mk3A standard with processed radar on a TV screen with proper digital overlays and interface with the nav kit. The upgrade was forced in part by the FLIR MSS mod and the radops shack now has 2 TV screens on which he can view any combination of radar, daylight TV or FLIR or all 3 using picture in picture. All the FLIR/MSS footage can be recorded on DV tape.
Cyclic, if you want to see what our capabilities are then pm me and I will arange a visit.

Sasless - off on a tangent again mate. I assume by one on one roster you are describing a day on day off routine with no leave or other time off - is there anyone who operates SAR like that? Generally speaking a RAF SAR pilot will have 8 - 10 first standby shifts (in at work for 24 hours) a month, with each being followed by a day of second standby (tasking, airtests etc whilst on 1 hour readiness). If that doesn't seem a lot then consider all the military duties required on top then filling the Falklands Island roster once a year for 6 weeks and being available for short notice Out of Area detachments (4 - 6 months in Bosnia or Iraq). I can't be arsed to dig out all the stats regarding which flight is the busiest but from memory the top 3 are all military.

Oh yes back to Bristows and the 'they were going to upgrade the aircraft if the contract was renewed' boll8cks. I have it on good authority that they offered the same S61 but with a 360 degree radar....mounted by the tail wheel (a mod that does not exist anywhere in the world and that would have made landing on anything other than a snooker table very interesting. For all the protestations of innocence, they didn't get the contract...anyone suggest why if the service provided has been so satisfactory? is offline