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My my, you are a true Bristow hater and the anti Bristow sentiment in your reply has somewhat reduced your posting to the equivalent of a drunk ranting at the bar. (Cheers, hic!)

As for your reliable source (probably barman wanting you to leave) who told you that the CG don't have a standby aircraft well that's completely untrue. Lee, Sumburgh and Stornoway all have standby aircraft. Oh, and guess what, the FLIR is transferred to the standby aircraft in the same time it takes you to transfer yours!

It's interesting to hear you banging on about the RAF spec now you have FLIR because before, when you didn't, the silence was deafening!

You accuse Bristow of providing a poor quality of service and yet they have provided FLIR for 20 years and yet the RAF haven't. Bit of a flaw in your argument old chap (have a double!). Incidentally Bristow were going to upgrade the FLIR in the event of them retaining the contract obviously that hasn't happened - much to the obvious delight of you and many on here.

The rest of your posting is not worth answering because you are obviously a bigot which makes it all a bit of a waste of time.

Never mind. (One for the road Sir?)

PS Note for your diary - Jul 07 I must stop hating Bristow and start hating CHC. They're all civilians doing SAR and not as perfect as me.
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